Unit 10

Equality, justice and equity


Definitions of ‘equality’, ‘justice’ and ‘equity’

The different types of justice:

a. Distributive
b. Procedural
c. Retributive
d. Restorative
e. Social

The different concepts of distributive justice (the most important types for health care):

a. Authoritarian
b. Libertarian
c. Utilitarian
d. Egalitarian
e. Restorative

How these different concepts of justice are reflected in the different health care systems found around the world

The right to health care

Disparities in health status

a. Local
b. National
c. Global

Roles of health care professionals in establishing health care priorities and allocating scarce health care resources

a. As government policy makers and officials
b. As hospital authorities
c. As direct health care providers.


The Barbarian Invasions / (D. Arcand, 2003)

The film narrates a man’s battle with terminal cancer, and his estranged son’s efforts, after reluctantly returning from London at the request of his mother to make his dying father more comfortable in his last days. He proves willing to go to any lengths to achieve this, navigating Quebec’s healthcare system, and in the process he gathers the various other friends and family members from his father’s past.

Ethical issues
Health commodification, Health policies, Right to health protection.