Unit 14

Social responsability and health


Highest attainable standard of health as a fundamental human right

a. Universal Declaration on Human Rights
b. WHO Constitution

Health and the impact of social and overall living conditions.

a. the need for health care initiatives to take into account the broad development context
b. the ethical significance of public and population health initiatives

Duty, obligation and responsibility and how these are acquired by individuals, groups or institutions.

Responsibilities for governments and various sectors of society.

a. Responsibilities of governments
b. Social responsibilities of the health sector and the medical profession
c. Social responsibilities of the private sector and industry

Health and contemporary challenges to global justice

a. Access to essential drugs and health services
b. Poverty and the HIV/AIDS pandemic
c. Standard of care in international health research
d. The protection of vulnerable populations
e. Research prioritization
f. Providing health care services across national boundaries
g. Organ transplantation and medical tourism


Dirty Pretty Things / (S. Frears, 2002)

Okwe, a Nigerian doctor, and Senay, a Turkish chambermaid, work at the same West London hotel. The hotel is run by Señor Sneaky and is the sort of place where dirty business like drug dealing and prostitution takes place. However, when Okwe finds a human heart in one of the toilets, he uncovers something far more sinister than just a common crime.

Ethical Issues

Prostitution, sexual harassment, illegal immigrants, and most centrally, black market organ transplantation.